The hidden reasons of the rituals which are done by the consecraters and the priests who exorcise evil spirits

By Takashi

Recently I viewed the TV program which dealt with UFO problem in which there was the scene which showed that the priest of Christianity did the ritual for exorcism.

The characters in the scene is the person who is obsessed by the devil, the priest and the spectators.
The priest exclaimed to the person who are obsessed by the devil in a large voice.
"Devil, get out of this man."
The devil who are obsessing the man exclaimed.
"No, I 'll never go out."
The devil seems to resist the word of priest for some reason.
The priest sprinkles the holy water on the person who are possessed by the devil.
And he paints with the holy oil on the forehead of the possessed person.
Then the possessing devil got in great pain.
In the end, the priest draws out the Bible and press it against the forehead of the possessed person.

The priest exclaimed, "Devil, kneel down!"
The devil knelt down at last and went out of the obsessed man though the devil resisted desperately against what is told to him by the priest.
The obsessed man and the priest embraces with each other as they finds the devil is gone and get glad as the connections with the devil are severed.
This ritual which is performed by the priest has become famous as the exorcism because it has been aired several times by TV.
I have remembered the scene of exorcism in which more than ten nuns recite the words like the magic words in big voices and rang bells which were held by the hands of nuns around the obsessed person in a temple.

Consequently I got interested in the reason of the principle by which the exorcism can be fulfilled.
If the scene which I saw on TV is correct, it means evil spirits and devils can't cope with the rituals given by the priest, nuns of Christianity or esoteric Buddhism.
In a nutshell, it means Buddhism and Christianity have the orthodox methods which can offer the ways to save the human misfortune.
I asked about this problem to Ms Taeko Shiraki as I happened to see her in these days.
The answer of her was surprising to me.
The beings which cause the bad affair like spiritual illness or the act of the devil are the energy bodies.
1) The energy bodies obsess the humans and cause the bad affairs at first.
2) The comrade of the energy bodies who are the priest or the esoteric Buddhism, in a nutshell they accomplice with the energy bodies, get on stage and do the ritual of purification ceremony.
3) The energy bodies act as if the bad energy body would have run away from the possessed person.
4) Those who witness it come to believe the power of Buddhism or Christianity.
It is the dramatic performance which is performed both by energy body and the person who accomplice with energy body.
I think the explanation given to me was written above.
That reminds me of the new religion whose believers hold the palms close up to the foreheads of other persons.
They claim they are doing the ritual of exorcism.
Religious community of Mahikari let believers do the rituals called "Tekazasi" which means "holding the palm close up to the forehead of other person".
They claim invisible light comes out from the palm and can consecrate someone's spirit.
They also claim that the evil spirits which is shot the invisible light from the palm get in great pain and stand out.
Those evil spirits confess what they are and go away as they feel in great pain by being given the invisible light shot from the palms.
This is the same principle as the one given by the priests and nuns.
In a nutshell, it is nothing but the monkey show which is performed by energy body and the believers who have conspired with energy body.
However those who are watching the scene of exorcism can't help but admit the believers of Religious community of Mahikari are doing the wonderful operation as the watchers can't see the energy body.
This is expressed as bogus, trick, fraud, fake, false and phoney.
However it is no wonder humans are deceived easily if energy body could do such a thing.
It might be no wonder people are deceived by religions.
I found the proponent of the religion is called "Guru".
Guru means "deceiver" in Japanese.
I was surprised to have been told by Ms Taeko Shiraki that Guru and energy body accomplice with each other and deceive people by performing the monkey show.
Why has the trick of monkey show not be known to to people for a long time?
Maybe there has not been the person who can see through this trick.
Even though atoms around us know everything because they are viewing us around us they can't transmit what they see to humans.
Now Ms Taeko Shiraki can tell what atoms see around us because she got the ability of special channeling for getting the information given by atoms.
Oh, my!


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