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By Takashi

The person who can't understand this information posted to the INBOX of a Forum.


By Peace

Your Medusa mention provoked me to comment:
in my research:
My experience tells me that: Your information source is being affected by an immature intellect.
Not bad, just too uninformed about "things" so they are not able to catagorize deeply or specificly enough for a ture to life rendering of the iformation she is recieving.
Stone gods is refering to beings/humaniods that used, worked and bartered for stone/gem/precious mineral. Not that they were made of stone.
They were associated closely with stone/precious earht compounds, so that was used as their moniker.
Medusa is one of a few sisters who were connected with one great ancient humanoid being. If you study conventional history of Medusa you will find clues linking her to this ancient leader.
Your information is interesting but only is understood correctly if you realise what Stone, in rerference to these beings, actually is refering too.(not that stone cant be animate, its just a quirk of your source's data transmission ability and intellectual and emotional maturity.



By Takashi

At first I have to tell you that you seem to have read my translation erroneously.
As I live near Ms Taeko Shiraki, I always hear what she says in person and try to report it as accurately as possible.
Therefore I am sometimes asked to translate by Japanese through web site.

>in my research: -------------------------------------------------------------

Where is your research?
Is it in your HP?
Is it in your book?
I can't possibly consent to the several lines of your explanation.
Have you ever opened your theories to public?
Medusa is nothing but one Stone human who was ruled by snake charmer seat when we regard her through millions of information from the SKY(SORA), the universe, because those millions of information have been known to us with more bigger purpose.
Ms Taeko Shiraki has been given the information in such other fields as the origin of the universe or the birth of the life from the atoms in the sky and universe.
However those information are all connected with one another and are consistent.
What's more, she has visited megalithic relics all over the world which she explained as the evidence from information of the atoms in the sky and universe.
She opened what she saw and examined to public through books and web site.
She also did it by over one hundred thousands of images about the earthquake and clouds which have been shown in her web page.
The people who believe those information which have been informed by the atoms in the sky and universe more than fifteen years established "The NPO Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth for the Peace of the Earth."

They take part in the activities for letting the people all over the world know this information.
I think it is certain that this information has been given to humans to make them know that the earth is heading for the extermination owing to the very conflicts among religions.
Therefore we were informed the true meaning of the teaching of Islam which tells "Eye for an eye and A tooth for a tooth."
Though the interpretation of "an eye for an eye" of Islam is regarded as the teaching of revenge, it is wrong.
Islam preached as "an eye for an eye" which meant "if somebody gave you something beautiful to see, you should gift them back something beautiful to see, and as "a tooth for a tooth" meant "if somebody gave you something to eat, you should gift them back something to eat."
This meant that we should not monopolize the grace of God, though it is regarded as the teaching of revenge now.

The second mail of Peace(?)

I didnt intend to upset you. Just thought you might be interested in a historical view and possible insight into the channels source veracity. (there are a lot of ancient texts(well before the Greeks mentioning) of medusa one of the gorgon and 'Ea' aka (numerous names according to each historical period),_methinks

The reply of Ms Taeko Shiraki

Don't you know why I take what you wrote so seriously?
That's because there's not much time for humans.
Today the earth is filled with only the people who are caught by the conventional way of thinking and they try to deny this information.
The atoms in the sky and universe seem to have informed strictly at all costs as they had known the tragedy were to take place in France.
I am forced to write not only the words of channeling but also the semi-channeling words which you might read in the mail of the last time.
Though I might be saying the same thing again, people in Islam carry out such a tragedy as they misunderstand the teaching of Islam.
It seems not to have been unrelated that suspicious object flew to the earth on Nov. 13.
An unidentified space debri plunged into the earth and fell to the Indian Ocean on Nov. 13.

The tragedy took place in Hatshepsut in Egypt when Comet Hale-Bopp came near the earth in 1997.
I can't help insisting that the earth is to make for the destruction rapidly even though humans give a reaction only by the human wisdom.
What's more people post their ideas which neglect the warning from the atoms in the sky and universe.
The conscious entities in the universe can read those postings and they seem to react strongly against those postings.
I'm sorry to insist my claim to those who study documents----.
The documents which were made by the authorities until now have not transmitted the correct information owing to the book burnings e.g.
Book burnings are conducted even today depending on the countries.
And the documents which got free from book burnings were sure to tell the beings who rebelled the authorities as villains.
Those documents were made by the beings who belonged to Rulers' Stars which came down to the earth later than Stone gods who descended earlier.
There are stories which tell giants ate humans.
However giants never ate humans because the source of the energy for them were only water and manna.
Manna was the body of Stone gods which was soft for the time being when Stone gods descended to the earth.
It is only natural Stone humans were made of the components of stone.
Therefore they turned into the stone when they died.
Consequently they might want to be eaten if they wanted to be born again to other creatures.
At any rate, the humans who turned up in the myths e.g.were all Stone humans who were the alter egos of Stone gods.
Consequently they had the supernatural-power which could never be accomplished by mere humans.
Though we have to pay attention to the atoms of those Stone humans, there are more serious problem.
Because the atoms which are getting angry now are the ones which have consciousness and are supporting the earth.
Humans don't notice them however often they might appeal to humans by the abnormal weather or the earthquakes.
We humans have to notice the pain of Atlas.


Thank you for your mail.