Why terror attack incidents take place@

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

The synchronized terrorist attacks to Paris took place on Nov. 13.
On the same day the unexplained object fell down to the ground from the universe.
A big terror attack incident took place at Hatshepsut in Egypt when Hale-Bopp comet caused a commotion previously.
Those terror attack incidents seem to have been caused by the group of conscious entities in universe which came to the earth with the conscious entities and did evil deed by ruling humans.
Why can the people of Islamic State do the cruel act without the slightest compunction?

1) They are brainwashed by the religions which teach them that they can go to the paradise if they die for the saint.
2) They believe the science which humans has come up with is the best and they think there remains nothing including consciousness when they die.
3) They believe such religion as Buddhism which tells everything is emptiness and nothing remains when they die.
Those terror attack incidents seem to be caused as those people become disgusted with their lives.
Consequently they give free rein to their desires.

The conscious entities in the universe which come with comets penetrate into those people and seem to act as if they were completely different persons.
There are people like devils who direct others by claiming they can go to the paradise if they die for the religions.
However those people in religions should keep in mind they would be condemned furiously when they went to the world of the spirits.;relStories;fringe


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