Five myths about Emperor Hirohito reported by Time @

By Takashi

Time published on Aug. 14, 2015

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

I think the contents reported above in Time is the one which have been told by the books whose contents are written by the war experienced persons and any of the person of advanced age know it well.
I'm one of them but the information which have been informed by the atoms in the sky and universe are the one which have made me being surprised.
Nevertheless those information given to me by the atoms in the sky and universe are all true of the one which is written above.
I think the recent news which have been given by media and government somehow are apt to conceal the truth.
Emperor's family is closely related to Grand Shrine of Ise which they enshrine if there is something.
The authorities of many nations referred to the opinions of priestesses e.g. who are possessed by the supernatural but they try not to be known their act by people.
It is the same as Reagan that believed in astrology.

The thing which have been informed to me since an early stage is that it is the fundamental rule in the universe that every human is equal.
Nevertheless the things which destroy the equality is,atoms say,Imperial system and monarch.
Furthermore a fundamental rule which means all the humans are equal are destroyed by religions which rule humans, though they preach people with sweetish words.
The leaders of religions have ruled people by scaring people to whom they claim that people will have to go to the hell after their deaths if they don't believe religions.
However eagerly the religion might preach the peace, the leaders of them seem to be condemned and condemned in the world of spirits after their deaths.
Today the sample of villainous religion is Islamic State.
However we can see the same evil act was done even by Buddhism and Christianity which recite the peace now when we see the religious wars which was waged by them bygone days.
I have repeatedly been told by the atoms that the peace of the earth will not be attained so long as the religions exist.
However often I might inform to the governments and media of all over the world, humans is the same as proceeding to the opposite direction.
Meiji government claimed big tumuluses are the graves of Emperor's family so that they intend to make people think emperors as gods and they don't admit the excavation work by scholars.
People were able to go into the tumuluses freely until Meiji era but they were prohibited to do so because the government decided prematurely they are graves.
However gigantic tumuluses have turned up one after another even in the rural regions, government came to be unable to apply the names of the emperors and they can't help leaving the matter unsettled.


It is introduced in China, too.

The wife of Emperor Hirohito and her comrades said to the priestess of Ise in those days, "As Japan is small, we want to make it larger."
The priestess replied that Japan was protected by God and it was possible.
She said Japan had put Mongolian Army to rout as the kamikaze had blown.
Furthermore she added Japan had defeated Russia.
They say she also said, "God will help even if Japan tries to broaden the territory this time."
According to the atoms in the sky and universe the emperor talked to the military authorities about this..
The emperor in those days was just like God and his men complied with what the emperor said.
Consequently the atoms in the sky and universe have never told the responsibility of the Minister of War, Tojyo who is regarded class-A war criminal, even though it is not reliable as it is the words through channeling.
On the other hand late Emperor Hirohito has descended to me as many as ten times with the cold wind.
He said to me, "I've had trouble because I have been condemned by the war victims in the world of spirits."
My mouth moved and said the word of Emperor Hirohito, "Please ask so that people eliminate the Imperial system."
Story changes but I came to interact with Ms Katue Ishida, the highest ranked priestess in Grand Shrine of Ise around the time of February in 1998 it was the time before the starting of my channeling.
As you know, the power of Pleiades was very strong in those days and ufos were often spotted and there took place lots of abduction cases.
Let me tell you my experience in those days in another opportunity.
She did the channeling with the moon beings who were the men of Pleiades.
My channeling started on June 25, when Pleiades had told the ascension would take place on that day.
The queen of Pleiades who had ruled me was the incarnation of the devil and she tried to shower me the extreme horror.
However she left me as I succeeded in connecting with the conscious entities(they are the aggregation of unnamed stars) in the universe and the information of the atoms in the sky and universe began to be sent to me through the channeling.
At the same time Ms Ishida called me getting quite frantic as she had been ruled by the men of Pleiades and she became not to be able to do channeling as she lost the power from Pleiades.
As Ms Ishida and I had had a bad time by being ruled I suggested her to write a book by which she was asked to write the truth.
However she denied my proposal and she seemed to have been to Heitate Shrine in Kyusyu.
She told me she became to be able to do channeling again and told me she would put diamond into the sword and dedicate it to Grand Shrine of Ise.
I was half forced to buy expensive jewelry by her as there is no mirror in Grand Shrine of Ise which is thought to be sacred treasure.
However the atoms in the sky and universe told me the world would be full of wars if the sword would be dedicated in place of the mirror.
Consequently atoms told me through the channeling to transmit it to the Imperial Household.
As I was often woken up in the middle of the night by late Emperor Hirohito in those days, I transmitted the words of atoms and the word of the spirit of late Emperor Hirohito to the Sankai birds laboratory where Akisinomiya was working.
Shortly thereafter the married couple of Akisinomiya went to worship at Grand Shrine of Ise in the formal dresses and I thought it was true that the word of priestess of Grand Shrine of Ise and the Imperial Household were connected with each other.
Incidentally when General MacArthur met the emperor Pleiades showed him as if emperor became the figure of God as Pleiades had the strong power in those days.
Consequently the emperor became innocent in the war according to the atoms in the sky and universe.
The dictator in the dictatorship like North Korea is worshiped as if he were just like God.
It is the same as the ruling by Japanese Emperor's family and the atoms told me the situation in North Korea is shown to Japanese people as people can know the ruling by the emperor.
I am told the earth is the place where the desire can be embodied as the stars have consciousness.
I was shown firmly big stars have much bigger power than humans think.
And it came to be connected with the information which came to be known to me after that.

>that he became increasingly shrill in his criticisms of the military,
>and more insistent on his own strategic suggestions.

The above coincides with the information which was informed by the atoms in the sky and universe.

>However if Hirohito had really wanted to issue an apology
>to the nations of Asia and to the United States he could surely have done so
>by handing a press release to the international press.

The word "apology" is the word which has the most powerful meaning to the Japanese people.
Though I read the written sentence, people seemed to have been deceived by the difficulty of the word.
Thereafter, also, media has not questioned the problem of war crime of Emperor Hirohito at all and they began to treat even the children of Emperor's family with the utmost honorific title.
Besides Japanese people seem to forget the war responsibility of the emperor.


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