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By Takashi

The following is the posting of Mkguyver in US.

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quantum physics, particles behave differently when observed with detectors.

this short YouTube describes a conscious quantum level of awareness.

my phone, can only post link, no embed.

To Mkguyver from Takashi

Thank you for your introduction of the nice youtube.
I sent your posting to Ms Taeko Shiraki.

To Mkguyver from Ms Taeko Shiraki

A Japanese scholar sent me a mail about quantum mechanics but I had left it alone as it was too difficult.
However I wanted to see the Japanese animations as I knew there are various animations about quantum mechanics as I saw the animation introduced by Mkguyver.
I found the Japanese one which you had introduced in your posting.
Though it may have the different meaning, the following is the white lines made in the ceiling.
It is impossible to make such lights if they are made by the slit between the curtain.

June 24, 2015

The light on the ceiling.

Though various white ray of lights which were impossible to be made naturally, have been seen on the ceiling and walls until now if we assumed they had been made by the lights which had come through the slit between curtains.
This one was the biggest ray of light among the ones which had been made until now.
The intensity of the light was also the strongest.
And no such lights have turned up thereafter.
The curtains were opened about 5--6 centimeters unusually at that time.
The ray of lights in the center which turned up in the ceiling were big and about four meters in length.
The ones in the right and the upper are shown in the side of the wall.
I didn't know the meaning of the ray of lights in those days though I took notes about the shapes of them.
Thereafter I was told by the atoms that the ray of lights were shown by the Dwarf planet Ceres and they represented the queen of Steller's sea eagle seat and her subjects.

Dwarf planet Ceres;mainStory


June 29, 2015

(Postscript on Jan. 6, 2016) The lights in the ceiling

As I had forgotten to take a photo, I left the image this time.

Though the curtains were opened widely this time, the only one ray of light was shown clearly and the other ones were very pale.
The left one was shown on the side of the wall.
My mouth moved and told it also represented Steller's sea eagle seat.

(Postscript on Jan. 6, 2016)

The animation of quantum mechanics was introduced in the bulletin board overseas.

As there is one animation for Japanese, I saw it in which the machine made the ray of light to which I thought the white ray shown up in the ceiling is the same.
I thought that means the photon made the white ray of light as atoms have consciousness.
Though the mail sent by the person who had learnded physics, was too hard, I tried to fall asleep at night, while being anxious about the photon, and I noticed one thing.

-----The information tells that electrons of elementary particle become photon by absorbing the photon from the proton of elementary particle and photon have the same characteristic not only particle but also waves.
Though I don't know the above meaning, aren 't these ray of light the white one made by photon?

Though I was able to see this kind of white lights about ten times last year, thereafter I can't see such lights even though there are slits between the curtains.
I think those lights are resembling the white lights shown in the experiment and I thought Atom-boys made them.(LOL)
The following is the Japanese animation about quantum mechanics.


Thank you for your mail.