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The juice(the soup) | Plain of Jars in Laos@

The giants of alter egos of Stone gods were given the nutrition by the juice(the soup) which came 
out of the holes of the bodies of Stone gods.
The giants had the tubes on the back of the neck and they got the nutrition by inserting them 
into the holes of Stone gods.

There are white juice and black one.
You can see a kind of flat rice cakes were made and were put on the pagodas in Arches National 
Park of Utah.
There are some holes in a row in the middle of the rocks in the United States and Australia and 
giants sucked the juice from them.

The juice from the holes of Stone gods came not to come out gradually and giants became extinct.

Plain of Jars in Laos

After the juice stopped coming out of the holes of Stone gods, giants made the stone structure 
with the body of Stone gods and they seemed to drink the juice which melted out of them.
Stone gods made huge stone jars by which they seemed to make the juice whose ingredients are 
the dissolved stone from the jars.
There are as many as 687 stone jars there and some of them are as big as 3 m.
The legends tell the giants were drinking alcohol as the white juice seemed to look like alcohol.

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