The salt in the regions like Death Valley 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

The salt in the regions like Death Valley

I was informed below this time.

"Mercury made water(H2O) in order to cool down the earth which was once the fireball.
Mercury asked the atoms to gather together by imaging water showered on the earth and made water.

(I was given the explanation of H2O previously.)

The water was not pure H2O.

As the earth was the fireball it was not be cooled down only by water.
Therefore the elements like NA and CL participated in cooling down the earth.
Many elements descended to the earth with H2O so that they would cool down the earth.
The energy to cool down the earth strongly was made as many elements supported H2O.
Therefore there are salt here and there on the earth as well as sea."

I was given the above reply from the beings from the sky.
↑I was given the question mail which asked why there are salt water among mountains.
The reason why the seawater and the human blood is similar to each other.

"Much energy is needed for making humanity and cells do the suffering of production.
Therefore same kind of elements enter the human bodies in order to help the cell division."

(From E-books NO2)

Lake bottom of Death Valley dries up and dried white salt has remained in the vast area(significant part among the mountains).
It lies between Grand Canyon and Sequoia Yosemite.
According to the explanation of the beings from the sky

Death Valley is the basin which is the lowest(below sea level) in Western Hemisphere and the hottest and the driest .

Much water flowed into Death Valley in ancient times.
The part of the lake among mountains was 180 meters depth in Wisconsin ice age of Pleistocene.
The current aspects were made as water began to evaporate in the early modern period of 2000-5000 years ago.

I wondered why there is salt in Dead Sea as well as Death Valley.
Besides there is rock salt, too.
Have Death Valley and Dead Sea become the current state as they lie in the lowland whose climate is the repeat of hot and dry climate?


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