Land of the Dead | Hot spring  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Jan. 5, 2003

Land of the Dead | Hot spring       Jan. 4, 2002

"Stone god who forms the white roof in Europe speaking.
We didn't teach humanity much, though we taught only hunting to humanity(giant) whom we took.
We made Matterhorn to show 'spear' for hunting.
Mont Blanc means "We do nothing."
Therefore Stone gods in Europe were apologizing by making Crop Circles.
And we are working for the peace of the earth now by supporting to convey the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.

At 4:30 on Jan. 5, 2002.
I woke up I felt my body heavy.

"I'm Stone god of the south.
Let me tell a mini-mini-story.
Big storm struck the southern island and the village has disappeared.
It was done so that I let them have the same experience as *Land of the Dead.

(Two islands of Australia buried in sand owing to cyclone the other day but more than one thousand people survived as they took refuge in a cave. )

Land of the Dead is covered with white fog.
It is the land(world)where humanity are free as bodies are decomposed and they return to atoms.

The white sands of the islands show the atoms which form the stone."

I am going to sleep from now.

* Land of the Dead=I was told it is covered with white fog.

"Let me tell about the hot spring.
Stone gods make the underground water hot by the heat of magma.
Why do Stone god do such an act?
It is done to show Stone gods have lives, too."

I asked 'the meaning of sulfur' previously.

"It's a funny story.
Some mountains are not Stone gods.
They are the very mountains from which sulfur come out.
They are the lavatories of the earth.
Plants don't grow on the mountain from which sulfur come out.
Sulfur is the debris of energy which Stone god got from universe.
Therefore sulfur is expressed by 'S' as the debris of energy is returned to the universe.
The places where sulfur come out show 'the beginning of the universe' which was seething.
Geyser shows the earth is also alive and it also shows the heart of the earth. "


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