The patience of atoms(elements) @

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Feb. 19, 2002

The patience of atoms(elements)

yVisionzseen in the morning.

"The pattern of the grids which I saw yesterday got big and some lines of grids are taken away are seen in an instant."

I was told today's small circles which emerged in the orderly grid that was seen yesterday show the true first cell(ovum).
According to the atoms from the sky and the universe, the vision show the pattern of grids change into various forms when the cells undergo cell divsion.

yVisionzwritten in the bulletin board by a reader.

"I saw a vision of black birds(They may be black pearls?) which come into the room one after another through the widely opened window.

The explanation of the above vision was given through the channeling.


It is not the terrifying vision.
You saw the vision of the grid yesterday (Feb. 28) in which you found the small black circle which showed the atom(element),@didn't you?
The vision showed it can go out of the window of the grid and can go here and there.
That means atoms can move freely here and there."

I asked why the body can keep the same shape if atoms can move here and there.

"It's because atoms(element) are persevering.
And cells change places.
Old cells tell the role of them to the new ones properly.
Though cells are persevering, they get angry when a reckless behavior is given to the body or the heart.
I let a reader of your sentence see the vision of birds instead of atoms(elements).

iI was given the above explanation after I wrote the following.
Those who ran to bear earnestly by the religious teaching sometimes experience the explosion of the feeling and they are sometimes hospitalized psychiatry).

Atoms also put up about it.

The channeling seems that atoms want to say above.


Thank you for your mail.