Vicious spiritual bodies

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 28, 2002

Vicious spiritual bodies

The following was informed by a mail.
I was told that the atoms from the sky and the universe let a child see the dream whose contents were sent to me by a mail.
Though the dream had a nasty contents, it was not bad for a child to see that dream as he played "the role of notice".

I got the following mail.

"Though it was the dream which my son saw today, I came to worry about the contents.
The scene started in the elementary school.
The poisonous rays are swimming fluttering all around in the water.
Many children are trying to run away desperately from them as lots of rays are swimming above their heads or at their feet.
First my son runs away with his friend whom he got along very well together.
When my son entered into the schoolroom, he found a ray had changed to the girl named 'ZZno' whom he was not on good terms.
She tempted him to play the card game.
He thought he might be pricked with a ray's needle of poison if he would lose in the game.
He went out of the schoolroom without doing playing card game.
He got scary as the Great King named DEDEDE who appears in the cartoon was pounding with rays outside the schoolroom.
They gave my son a pressure a lot.
He managed to run away.
He found many characters which were found in the game around him in the dream."

Children=human beings

The ray=The robot which is the subordinate of the vicious spiritual body in the universe(Brother of the Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe)).
The ray changes into a child.= A robot descends to a child(humanity) and dominates him.

The card game=The work like meditation .

I was told spiritual bodies in the universe are drifting like rays(?).


Thank you for your mail.