The story of Shaka and Buddha in 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'   Postscript on Oct. 4, 2006 "The meaning of a1l is vanity"  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 28, 2004

" The story of Shaka and Buddha in 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'  Postscript on Oct. 4, 2006 "The meaning of a1l is vanity"

"The story of Shaka and Buddha"

All these stories are also informed through the channeling and they were not written  in imagination."

Postscript on April 26, 2007

【The meaning of Buddha】

1) Long ago there were twin princes called Buddha and Shaka in a country in India.
Shaka was the elder brother and very brisk.
He was so to speak, a man of pleasure.
His woman relationship was fancy.
Buddha, younger brother had the weak body and he didn't want to see the real world.
Therefore the muscles of his eyes began to get weak and it came not to work enough.
His eyes looked half closed and he came to be popular with women less and less.
He was envious his elder brother and was jealous of him.
Therefore he always thought to show everyone by any means, wanted to cause a sensation and get on top of people.

2)In the sky there was the being which was looking at the man who had such a hope.
It was the king of the outer galaxy and he was thinking of trying to control the human at the mercy of him.
Therefore he wanted to rule Buddha.
He wanted to invite stars as friends because stars had big power to humanity.
Big stars had watched the earth from the beginning, some of them are very wise and became mates of the outer galaxy as they had wanted to rule humanity.
Therefore the king of the outer galaxy wanted to let them rule humanity.
They are the beings called 'the Ruler's Stars'.

3) In those days there were people like hermits who had supernatural power here and there in India.
Therefore Buddha wanted to go there first as he was ignorant and wanted to get the supernatural power himself, too.
He visited one of the hermits.
However he was told why did he try to practice asceticism as he was lucky enough to be in the rank the prince.
In addition the hermit told him he was practicing asceticism as a last resort to get the power to bear the hunger as he had no food.
Buddha wanted to become strong by making a tough apprenticeship reluctantly and started meditation in the wilderness.
To meditate is to try to think nothing , make the heart empty and it means you can vacate your body for other spiritual body.
It was a very dangerous act.

4) The spiritual body of the Ruler's Stars which wanted to rule humanity like a robot by any means invaded into Buddha's body when he had made his heart empty.
When Buddha was meditating he started to hear the voice suddenly though there were no one around him.
In addition he started to see the terrifying vision even though he might close his eyes.
The spiritual body of the Ruler's Stars started to rule Buddha with the strong power however desperately he might reject to hear or see the voice or the vision.
The spiritual body of the Ruler's Stars gave terror to Buddha but it also gave the power to heal the disease of others when he followed the direction of the Ruler's Stars.
In addition he felt a surge of power in the weak body of Buddha as the Ruler's Stars gave energy to him.
Therefore he became powerful as if he had been another person and he conveyed the words told by the Ruler's Stars to people and started his behavior as was told by the Ruler's Stars.
Tbe words which were given by clever Ruler's Stars were very shrewd and they told what had not been heard by anyone until then.
The words especially conveyed the scene of the life after death as if Buddha had really seen it and he told it to the people around him.
It was the spiritual body of the Ruler's Stars with big powers that gave such a power to Buddha and ruled people with words as it was at outer galaxy's beck and call.
People around Buddha were surprised because that weak Buddha became healthy and started to talk respectable words.
They came to worship Buddha when they were shown various miracles and were told about the life after death.
However all that Buddha told were not good things.
The Ruler's Stars threatened Buddha if he had not told just as was told by the Ruler's Stars, he would be thrown into the hell.
They made Buddha tell about the terrifying scene of the hell in detail and forced people around him to believe it.

5) One of the things which Buddha was reluctant to tell was humanity would be born again to the beings that humanity had eaten.
Therefore he was forced to tell people must not eat animals but they should eat human beings.
One day many people had gathered together as Buddha would tell about the life after death as usual.
However 4,000 people who heard the above story, stood up and came back to their home suddenly.
Therefore Buddhism was not spread in India.
However people in the far away districts didn't know the terrifying story that was told by Buddha and many believers were born as he was thought to be the man who knew about the life after death.
As Stone gods in the early days when human beings were born were kind enough to make food, human beings placed importance on them.
The children Stone gods descended to the earth later.
The Ruler's Stars seduced them to have big bodies as they told those Stone men with big bodies would be placed importance on by human beings.
However the Ruler's Stars solidified the bodies of the children Stone gods when they turned into the big bodies.
Therefore big Buddha statues which were the giant Stone men have been left here and there on the earth.
The Ruler's Stars ruled human beings just as was told by the outer galaxy.
They made Buddha preach people would be able to go to the paradise after death if they would worship the Buddha statue of Stone god.
They never told Stone gods had taken care of human beings and they had become the food for human beings.
To the opposite they taught people that giants were stupid or bad.
People until then had placed importance on the mountains and megaliths which were the 'the dropped part' of the bodies of Stone gods.
However the Ruler's Stars made people build temples in front of them and sealed Stone gods one after another.
6) The clever Ruler's Stars devised the life after death in which they made the world of the hell and the paradise.
They actually showed the visions of them to people and they made those visions be drawn on pictures.
Besides they made unimaginable terrifying pictures display in the temples and made the people whom they ruled, tell if people did the wrong deed, they had to go there.
In addition they taught meaningless rules and made people comply with them.
They taught if people had believed Buddhism earnestly, they could have stayed to the paradise.
The energy body which wanted to be worshiped gathered together when people worshiped Buddha statues.
Therefore they came to rule more and more people and Buddhism spread not only to Japan but also to China.
Those who were ruled by the Ruler's Stars fooled the ignorant people as they talked as if they had known the life after death.
As they were able to build the luxury buildings with the exploited money and lead the life of luxury , the authority took advantage of it all together.
There are many people who can't slip out of the teaching which threatened people if they didn't believe in Buddhism, they had to go to the hell even though they were taught in the past more than 2000 years ago.
The huge energy body splitted up one after another and made new religions start, and made them contend one another.
The energy body which desires to be worshiped dominated human beings when people join their palms together in front of Buddha statues because the energy body was able to run around the body in circles and the wat of thinking of person got hard with the same way of thinking.
That means they taught so that people could not accept other opinions and reject the good energy given by universe.
The clever Ruler's Stars are very good at enumerating respectable words but they had the inside purpose which tries to tie human beings.
People are forced to recite the sutras of magic words which conceal the truth and strike a fish-shaped wooden drum which used to be made of skeleton and make people meditate.
That is why the energy body which desires to be worshiped can dominate human beings and can keep existing by doing them.

The true meaning of "All is vanity."

The words of Buddhism, "All is vanity" is the word which was taught by the Ruler's Stars.
It means the people who were ruled by the Ruler's Stars made people draw the pictures on the megalith which were the body of Stone god.
They taught people were able to be connected with the Ruler's Stars in the universe when people focus their consciousness on the picture.
The Ruler's Stars tried not to make people turn their eyes to the stone work which people in the ancient times were not able to build by drawing the pictures.
Four evil gods of Kitora tomb is one of them.
The Ruler's Stars made it worship and the energy body of it ruled human beings and made them contend.
They got the energy from struggles.
It is the same with the modern times.
Authorities put the several hundreds of million yen in order to save the picture and it is the same with people are worshiping as four evil gods.
Those who are ruled by the energy body are causing the incidents.
I was told Shaka and Buddha were the mixed race of Stone man and humanity.
They were ruled at an early stage by the Ruler's Stars and they taught people as was told by the Ruler's Stars.
Therefore they were ostracized by the mates of Stone gods and the beings from the stars.
I was told about Buddhism at the very end because Buddhism was taught directly by the beings of the outer galaxy.
The energy body of Buddhism has penetrated into every kind of religion, Zoroastrianism, Celtic , KKK, and so on.

When I was writing in 2003, the spirit of Buddha descended to me.
From Buddha

"I'm happy when I convey human words.

Does it mean humanity changes words into easier ones???


All the words of Pleiadenai were about terrifying matters.

(As I also experienced the same terror as Buddha, I can understand well what Buddha says.)

Nichiren of Buddhism also told faintly as follows through the channeling.

"I'm in Stone hell."

I was told 'Stone hell' means it is absolutely impossible to change his way of thinking however hard he might try to change.


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