The caution in case of channeling      Adding and correction on May 30, 2007  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

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March 5, 2002

The caution in case of channeling      Adding and correction on May 30, 2007

The following are the points which I want you to be careful when the channeling starts.
Recently the spiritual bodies(energy bodies) are observing us carefully, they seem to talk to us more cleverly.
There are many kinds of spiritual bodies called 'robots' though they have no human bodies.
Some of them work for the mankind.
However most of the energy bodies mainly want to be worshiped and want mankind to move as energy bodies want.
In addition some others want to make mankind cause an internal ruckus.
Though I have told previously, the following is the items which should be careful when channeling starts.
Please note that you should pay attention to the energy body who orders you to do something.
The beings from the stars never force you to do something though they tell their hope to us.

1) Some of them force the channeler to hear the voice which channelers don't like to hear.
The voice is usually told with the clear voice and is told regardless of the convenience from the channelers.

2)The voice orders to do many things like going to shrines or temples.

3)The voice tells to change the job or quit the job.
It tells to do the job for spiritual world.

4)It give energy and the ability to heal disease.
The channeler himself (herself )lightens up as if the person in question gets younger.

5)It shows the miserable vision of the hell and threatens if the channeler doesn't follow the direction of it, the channeler has to go to the hell.

6) It gives the terror by telling that the end of the earth comes and it tells it will come to help the channeler in case of the end of the world if he or she follow its direction.

7)It orders to others in an imperious manner.

8)It says if it would become impossible for mankind to live on the earth, it will take him or her to other star. )

9)It makes gold dust appear and appeals that it can do such a thing and make you believe you are just like a god.

10)It says, "Never tell others what are told to you."
You should keep secret about what are told to you, has often been told until now and it will make you feel as if you were a chosen person.

11)You may become as if you were paralyzed or you feel nasty thinking or words appear in your heart.
In such a case energy body is often related to you.
If you fell into such a situation, you should keep the following thought in your mind.
That means you should think you have erased "----".
In addition you should repeat to declare until you can say naturally that you have erased "----".
Very strong energy is usually given out from the books of religions or inner world, PC, TV power goods, and so on.
There are considerable many cases those things affect you a lot.
If you feel it, you can well understand after you have disposed of it.


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