The matter which I want you to let people know absolutely  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

March 11, 2003

The matter which I want you to let people know absolutely

March 11, 2003

I felt the energy descend to me and the energy told me what it wanted me to let people know absolutely.

"I've recalled.
I'm the elder of Sagittarius who descended to Australia.
One being (a princess of Sagittarius =Ayers Rock) told me through the telepathy.
"All the beings of Sagittarius have descended to the earth.
We also decided to descend to the earth.
We are to descend to the vast plain.
Please let the beings of Sagittarius who are in the southern area, go to Japan where Hoshinomina (alter ego of Miss Taeko Shiraki) stays.
Please let them go to Japan in the visible form of big waves(= typhoon).
We, the beings of Sagittarius should leave some evidence by which mankind would realize that we were once alive.
I kept thinking desperately.
I felt my body getting hard.
Therefore I made a part of my body turn into the shape of wave.
I decided to make the top of my body flat and to dig out a part of the top in order to make a hole.
I made the shape of animals with a part of my body which I took out of my body for a hole and put them around the hole.
Though I was able to see them with my eyes, I was not able to make them into the shape what I wanted to be, because it was hard to manipulate my hands freely.
Our bodies were like the ones which were drawn in the Crop Circles.
I told the mankind (giant) whom I had taken to the earth in my stomach to drink water which had been collected in the hole.
The princess(=Ayers Rock) and the maid (=Mt. Olga) had descended to the far away place.
The princess did nothing but cry.
I told the beings who had followed them to make the shapes by which mankind would understand those which had been made by 'the dropped part' of Stone gods had not been made naturally.
The maid (=Mt. Olga) were crawling desperately in order to reach near the princess, while she was ignoring her body crumble.

(She started cying)

The princess did nothing but cry when she saw the maid crawling to her.
I want you to inform this absolutely."

(* The reason why there is the water place at the side of Ayers Rock shows the tears.)

They say it is the pond which was made by the most of the rain that fell to the desert gather together, though it rains little as it is the desert area.
At first I was said, "This is the pond which was made of my tears."
Pure white trees which grow near the waterside grow around here.
They say Aborigines were glad when they found this tree.
Besides it is the important place for Aborigines, as animals come near here when they seek the water.


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