In order to attain the world peace@

By Takashi

This is the comment to Zimmer101 from Ms Taeko Shiraki.

To Zimmer101

by Ms Taeko Shiraki

I am informed by the beings from the stars that the root of struggles on the earth is in Jerusalem.
I am also informed why more than one religions were born here.
It seems that the peace of North America and the solution of abnormal weather on the earth can't be attained if the conflict of Middle East is not solved.
Do you know how was the last super typhoon No 19 which came to Japan?

Please refer to the following web site about the super typhoon which visited Japan this year.

Re: Ms Taeko Shiraki, channeler told as follows:The reply to zCommonAnomaly

No typhoon landed on Japanese archipelagod in 2000

Why nature gets angry

The typhoons have consciousness.
That means abnormal weather is produced as atoms are informing with it.
Now terrorism came to be done in Jerusalem.
The suicide bombings were done around 2000 under Arafat but they lulled thereafter.
I got to know by news that he said as follows around the time when this information reached Arafatat that time.
However he was assassinated.
Thereafter I was informed by the beings from the stars how he was assassinated in detail.
His case was just like Former Prime Minister Sharon.
I could hardly believe my ears when I heard by news that hawkish Sharon was going to withdraw from an area between Israel and Jordan on the west bank of the Jordan river.
Why did he say he was going to withdraw.
Unfortunately I was informed by the beings from the stars in detail that he was tried to be killed by the true hawkish group thereafter.

Let me inform you the news which I was informed at that time.
Subject: Fish print of the past news of Arafat.

Even the prophets made mistakes

It is the part of second boldface display in the following fish print of the news at that time.


By Safa Haeri

Published Wednesday, August 25, 2004 E-mail Print

By Safa Haeri

PARIS, 25 Aug. (IPS) In his last intervention at the Palestinian Legislative Council, or parliament, Yaser Arafat, the 75 years old Chairman of the Palestinian Authority gadmittedh to wide spread gcorruptionh and gmistakesh in his Administration and promised he would take measure to wipe out abuse of power.

This was the first time that the ageing leader was making such dramatic gconfessionsh in public, but failed to spell out concrete actions to reform a system based on nepotism, clientalism and favouritism.

We must show the courage to recognise our mistakes, there is no one free from mistakes, from me on down. Even the prophets made mistakes.

In an unconvincing effort to calm down the unrest in Gaza that has produced one of the strongest challenges to his authority since he returned from exile a decade ago, Mr. Arafat said gSome unacceptable mistakes have been made by our institutions and some have abused their positions and violated the trust that has been placed in themh.

Arafat accused Israel of trying to sabotage his government and of wrecking the peace process with its continued settlement activity and building of the West Bank separation barrier.

However, in his televised address from his decay and ruin office of Muqata, in Ramallah, where he is living in a semi-detained situation since three years, Abou Ammar, Arafatfs nom de guerre, also said that one shouldnft blame only the occupation.

"We must show the courage to recognise our mistakes," he said. "There is no one free from mistakes, from me on down. Even the prophets made mistakes", he said, as younger generation Palestinians denounced the chaos, lack of security, overlapping institutions, administrative corruption and long-postponed elections.

Mr. Arafat also admitted that "no real effort" had been made to enforce law and order and said, "More efforts and support should be made for the security of the people".

Without naming names, the Old Man, as the Palestinians call him affectively, went on telling lawmakers and the Palestinians at large, "Some mistakes have been made by our institutions and some have abused their positions and violated the trust placed in them". gNo one has been immune, starting from me downwardh, he pointed out.

Arafat expects them to take his word for it after all these years he refused to reform.

But when Abed Jawad Salah, a dissident legislator known for his unabated struggle to denounce corruption at ghigh positionsh interrupted Arafat charging him, "You are protecting them, Abou Amarh, he angrily shouted back, "I'm protecting them?". You better be careful!h

In a petition signed with some twenty other Palestinian personalities from the territories in 1999, Mr. Salah had strongly denounced the gtyrannicalh nature of the Palestinian administrative system and accused Arafat to have gopen the gates to exploitersh.

In response, he had been badly beaten up by the police.

A recent poll conducted by the Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre, 90 per cent of the people questioned acknowledged the existence of corruption in the Palestinian Authority, with some 65 per cent of them describing it as gwide spread.

As to the identity of those behind the turmoil, 61.1% blamed elements inside Fatah, Yaser Arafatfs own organisation, while the rest are convinced that regional and international parties were involved.


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