The role of announcements from the stars  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

The word "The role of announcements from the stars" is difficult for understanding.
Therefore I searched the Let's solve the enigma of the earth and found a lot of explanation for it.
I hope you can understand the meaning of "The role of announcements from the stars" well as it is too difficult for us as there are no such words in the general view.

It is the very victims that plays the role to inform others that the world now is incorrect.
Those victims are the people who have the brave subconsciousness.
That means the period that subconsciousness have bodies is very short and the length of their stay in the invisible world is very long.
Therefore those brave people choose to play the role of announcements from the stars of their own accord, I was told.
The reason why the stay in the invisible world is long is that subconsciousness is alive from the beginning of the universe.

The people who play the role of announcements from the stars understand the invisible world, I was told.
The announcements from the stars is the warning to people who never give thanks to the benefit given from the earth in the real lives and have mind driven by every kind of desires(including the lust for power among many desires).

Howver often The True SKY(SORA)Info is told to people, they don't accept the warning from the 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.

Those Japanese who act as a mediation for the peace in Palestine and so on are often related to religions.
Therefore they deny this information and convey it to the local people.
That is why many Islamic people are compelled to play 'the role of notice'.
Those people who are related to religions spread this information as the malicious rumor, though this information unlock the enigma of the earth only for the peace of the earth.
It's the same as those people are supporting the terrorism indirectly, I think.

There occurred a big earthquake again in Indonesia.
I feel very sorry for the victims, but they played 'the role of notice' for the desperate shout of the earth.
Those victims will undoubtedly have a reward when they go into the world of subconsciousness, I think.
I was told the earth hates as there are snakes in the underground cavity in Indonesia and it asked to inform about it.
The earth catches a cold as it feels creepy, because there are snakes(?), I was told.

As the next words which told me "More big announcements from the stars" was told to me by the movement of my mouth, let me tell though I can't guarantee whether it is true or not.
Let me open it to public as I have to play The role of announcements from the stars in this world.

The word is formed by the slight movement of my mouth in the morning on March 26, 2007.

Let me tell what everybody wants to know.
Why two earthquakes occurred around at the same time in both the area on the earth.
One area is in Japan in Northern Hemisphere and the other is in Vanuatu in Southern Hemisphere.
Let me inform to the people that think the beings who cause the earthquakes are bad guys.
You may think there is no way the opposite side of the earth is connected with each other in the invisible world.

I am going to sleep from now.

"The earth is divided into Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.
The earth is divided into two in the world of the subconscious mind, too.
That's why the direction of each wind and ocean current was decided not to josle each other?
If wind and sea water flow to the same direction both in Northern and Southern Hemisphere, the flowing speed got faster and faster.
Therefore they are made to flow to the opposite direction for balancing. 
It is impossible for wind and sea water to flow to the opposite in Northern and Southern Hemisphere naturally.
Those mysterious events are fulfilled in cooperation with the wind of Stone gods and atoms of water of Mercury after the consultation ."

"The earthquake occurred at the same time in order to prove atoms have consciousness.
Atoms(element) of Southern Hemisphere and ones of Northern Hemisphere contacted to one another and informed by the earthquake.
The bigger announcements from the stars are to be given if people don't admit atoms which compose the earth have consciousness and withdraw plate tectonics theory or magma theories."

Let me give thanks to those who played 'the role of notice' by becoming the victim of heavy rain of this time.
Many areas of Japan have suffered the heavy rain this time.
The reason of suffering the heavy rain this time is owing to the faith for Dragon which has spread all over Japan.
Therefore the earth has given out the signal of SOS and the scheme of the universe was executed, I think.
There are lots of examples of faith for Dragon in Japan.
For example Grand Shrine of Ise (=concealed faith for Dragon )is worshiped as the god by the Imperial Household.
The resurrection of the words of the Emperor of Showa.
The resurrection of the festivals all over Japan.= the faith for Dragon.
The song of dragon and dancing of children's television series of NHK.
Suwa Lake in Nagano Prefecture(=the faith for snakes), Nagasaki kunchi(The dancing of Dragon) 
Japan is filled with the words of dragon and it pops into our head easily.

The subconsciousness(=spirit) of victims who played 'the role of notice' in such affairs as disasters and incidents are welcomed when they go to the world of subconsciousness, I was told.

"Stone gods who finished our work of the role of announcements from the stars have returned to Sagittarius.
All of us are getting along with one another.
We make it a rule to descend to the earth only when we are called."

Many who become impoverished by the stern realities of life often desire to play 'the role of notice' .
Those people often want to be born again.
They attract big incidents among of which terrorism is included.
Some of those who don't understand the mechanism of this universe condemn this information with the simplistic thinking.
The miserable incidents are evoked by the very people with the simplistic thinking.

There are many who dies earlier than usual age as they think they can feel quite free from care in the world of subconsciousness if they play 'the role of notice'  by dying of cancer.
Those subconsciousness(=spirit)who will feel uncomfortable in the world of subconsciousness want to live long absolutely and those subconsciousness(=spirit) don't play 'the role of notice'.
The above is the matter which was told about the cancer.

The following may be painful to those victims of the disasters.
The victims of disasters seem to feel peaceful in the world of subconsciousness as they played the role of announcements from the stars.

"Therefore subconsciousness(=spirit) of the persons in the plane of Cyprus served to play 'the role of notice'."

One hundred and nineteen people in the plane of Cyprus fell in the mountain of Greece.

"Some children have the memory that tell they always saw white lights when they were in mothers' bellies.
The reason why such affairs happen is that the Ruler's Stars which rule the earth are contacting to each other by telling they are here.
The subconsciousness(=spirit)of the children know it and think it is wrong to have had such experiences.
Therefore they try to play 'the role of notice'.
They ask what to do to the beings from the stars in order to play the role of notice.
The beings from the stars try to help them by any means and tell what to do for playing 'the role of notice'.
What are told to them may correspond to accidents or diseases.

(The contact mistakes may sometimes take place when the beings from the stars are asked by the children who have the subconsciousness of the Ruler's Stars.

A different person may sometimes have to play 'the role of notice' due to it.

I am going to sleep from now.

(* Contact mistake= Incidents sometimes take place depending on the similar name (family name)because the beings from the stars contact one another only by the words.
Therefore it is important to write down.


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