Why atoms get angry. 

 By Ms Taeko Shiraki

People today don't dire the conscious mind to atoms of the earth which are supporting us and atoms which maintain our bodies.
Therefore atoms get angry and warn us by resorting to abnormal weather or diseases.
Atoms can't bear people give thanks only to the energy bodies which gather together in religions in order to be worshiped.
Those energy bodies are the beings which are so-called gods in each religion.
Human beings can live long as cells which are forming bodies are kind enough to undergo cell divsion.
However I was told cell division is such the difficult and painful act as woman bear a child.
Many people don't realize at all how hard to keep the bodies due to the hard work of cells in the organs and bodies and in addition they become the moaners or overwork their bodies.
In such cases cells sometimes seem to make a revolt.
One of the revolt is shown by the various symptoms of diseases like the cancer by which atoms warn people, I was told.
Though we call it "the signal", we often feel the scratchy pain several times in various parts of our body.
We usually sense what star is giving the signal by the point of our bodies to which signal is given.
Though I (Ms Taeko Shiraki)can know what I am wanted to do or what the star wants to inform me as it tells by the words which I can know by the movement of my mouth, the readers of The True SKY(SORA)Info seem to understand what is wanted by the star by means of the dream, vision and what is happening in reality, and so on.


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