Why do atoms give notice one after another?

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

I think there is no other ways than to tell The True SKY(SORA)Info in order to stop the going out of control by Islam.
To be honest, I would like to inform about the history before mankind which I have been told a lot.
As the thoughts of mankind seems to decide the fate of the earth, I have not been told the hopeful words from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' if the present situation were to continue.
The abnormal phenomena are taking place one after another.
It is chilly abnormally though the temperature of sea water is high.
In addition a freezing rain or heavy snow which we have never seen until now are taking place by an area.
Though it is December, a large-scale typhoon is generated.
I was told the reason for it.
Atoms of the area there attract those abnormality as they want mankind realize about atoms have consciousness .
I feel we can't be able to relax any more.
As mankind keep ignoring the warning of 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA', I know atoms are getting angry.
Nevertheless the beings from the stars tell, "Take this! and this!" and inform about prehistoric megalith Remains.

Archaeologist claim megalith remains were made by mankind.
Stonehenges or megalith remains in Malta are explained with the pictures which show mankind are making them.
Then do you claim this megalith remains in Siberia were made by mankind?
Huge Mysterious Megalith in Russia

As mankind leave those problems unsettled and pretend not to know, the beings from the stars seem to give notice one after another.


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