The Email about the memoir in the world of subconsciousness

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

July 2, 2015

The Email about the memoir in the world of subconsciousness

This is the mail which was sent from the person in Mie Prefecture on June 27, 2015

There took place the arson incident in Bullet Train on June 30, 2015 .
And there was a synchronicity as a victim was on the way to Grand Shrine of Ise.
It seems what was warned in the world of subconsciousness took place after sixty years .
According to people who know the criminal of arson in Bullet Train , he is a serious man and he sent ninety thousand yen(about $750) to support the relative in Iwate Prefecture when he was spry.
Before the incident, he passed money to the people around him on the grounds that he would cause trouble to them and he was attentive by telling them to run away.
They say he committed suicide owing to hardships of life.

The following is the mail which was sent from the person in Mie Prefecture on June 27, 2015

I'm one of the persons who believe the information from the SKY (SORA), the universe, and abide by its precepts.
People threaten even the earth for the sake of their own desire.
I am especially worried about the future of Japan.
I chose this SORA information in order to escape from the anxiety and terror.
I especially pay attention to the following among the information from the SKY (SORA), the universe,.

1) The evil energy body and religions.
The information from the SKY (SORA), the universe, explains that evil energy body of religions use human anxiety, terror and sorrow as their nourishment.
According to the information from the SKY (SORA), the universe, it is generated when humans worship the things that have shapes and it grows bigger by human anxiety, terror and sorrow.
A certain religion explains the figure of God as follows.
kHe has a horn and a tail and has a great spiritual power.
He uses the human misfortune as nourishment and he becomes stronger depending on human misfortune and he becomes stronger by the human prayer.
He vanishes when he is forgotten.l

I think the God explained in a certain religion is nothing but the figure of the devil.
Don't you think it's strange?
The great being who created us humans can't be the being who is dependent on the human prayer.
The religions which are present are all the evil energy bodies, aren't they?
The purpose of religion is to get the property without the labor.
And the priests, monks, especially Gurus who are engaged in religions are always at the height of theirs prosperity.
It may sound good to go to the shrines, churches or temples to worship the gods and tombs but those act, in fact, generate the energy body.
It is not the good deed.

2) Every thing has subconsciousness.
Though it was the recent affairs I chew the inside of the mouth while eating.
As I repeatedly chew the inside of the mouth, one day I talked to the food on the table , "Thank you."
"Please be useful to the body."
Then I haven't chewed the inside of the mouth while eating since that day.
However I chewed the inside of the mouth again with all my might on the other day.
I felt the pain too much.
I found I had completely forgot to thank the food then.
After I thanked the food, I have never chewed.
I came not to have chewed after I make it a rule to bear thanks to food in mind.
It's mysterious.
(There are cases in which we chew the inside of the mouth, if we don't say what we should tell. kby Ms Taeko Shirakil)

As for me, I say thank you to the cells of the body of bad condition by appreciating the great pains Atom-boys in my body have taken when my physical condition is poor.
If the bad condition don't vanish even by the above method, I make it a rule to offer the words of thanks to the creator of the organ.
Then the creator of the organ usually forgives me.
I think the word, "thank you" is the magic words.
When I offer this word, most of the atoms gives me forgiveness, protection and a pure heart.
Therefore I make it a rule to say the appreciative words to many things including the nature.
I've experienced a lot.
I decided to write the following experiences in order to propagate that it is wrong to have a firm religious faith.

1. It is the story which I experienced in the time when I had a firm religious faith .
The tingling feeling moved about in the brain about a month before the change of the season, though I had no pain.
It moved about all around the brain.
Cause unknown.
The tingling feeling comes to a halt precisely at the time of the changing of the season.
The phenomena went on for years.

The next is the experiences when I was being reprimanded by the boss in the workplace owing to my negligence.
Suddenly my figure became invisible to the boss.
I got very impatient.
My voice seemed not to be heard by the boss, though I answered in front of him.
I had mixed feelings about it, though I got free from the reproach by him.
( It is the phenomenon that takes place even in real life.
When I was once hooked on the inner world I tried to be meditating in which I was in a daze.
At that time the partner of the meditation told me that my figure became invisible to her.kby Ms Taeko Shirakil

I was able to see the figures of gods (?) when I payed a visit to the temples, shrines or happened to walk near them.

The next experience is that the view near the district of Ise changed into the different one all of a sudden in 1950s and the scene became the one like the evening.
What was more an abnormal situation occurred.
I was much surprised as there happened the fire in the train on which I was on board.
The scene was seen only by me and the other one.
It seemed that the other people were surprised as I and the other acted strangely because we thought the fire really took place.
( The writer of this story seemed to have experienced such an incident of the different dimension as this one more than as many as 60 years ago.
However the fire incident took place in the Bullet Train recently.
The fire incident of this time resembles well to his experience of 60 years ago.

The accident of the vehicles seems to inform the way of progress now is erroneous.
However I was much surprised as the mail had been sent to me before recent Bullet Train accident.

At midnight in a state of a trance I had a note which told a serious accident would take place.
The Bullet Train accident seems to be related to my memo. kby Ms Taeko Shirakil)

2. When I had a firm religious faith to the moon, many gods, Buddhas and spirits(?) began to visit my house from the eastern direction in the early morning since one day.
That phenomena went on every day when I stayed at home.
As a result of it, I came to enshrine eight thousand beings.
I was uneasy and thought what would happen if the visit of them would not stop.
I hoped for the stop of the visiting of them to my house for ages.

One day, something came to mind.
"Keep a dog of white hair at the eastern side of my home premises, then the visiting of them would stop."
I carried it out at once.
The phenomena have stopped suddenly since that day.
I was informed the terror of the faith to the moon.

((I experienced a lot of mysterious events at priestess ' of Grand Shrine of Ise.
According to the priestess and channelers with whom I acted together in those days, many gods descended to the Magatama-pond in Grand Shrine of Ise .
Those gods are the same as the gods, Buddhas and spirits whom the above person that sent me mails saw when he had a firm religious faith to the moon.
Those gods seem to have been Dragons which came from the moon.
Then the priestess was declaring that she would make Sirius disappear.
Though good Sirius is represented by the white dog, all the white dogs are not good ones. kby Ms Taeko Shirakil)

The memo of my experience(supernatural power and others)


3 The next experience was had about the time when I had a firm religious faith in Dragons.

As for me, the sky became bewitching and dark suddenly when the Dragon came over.
Moreover the wind blew harder and there were thunderclaps.
Those phenomena are not good by no means.
At that time I was in a nightmare about work and human relations!
I suffered a life-threatening illness when I had a firm religious faith.
I had a confidence for healing the disease as I was given the spiritual power in those days.
However regardless of my confidence, I felt why I had the severe illness.

I thought about various things.
I wondered if faith itself might be erroneous or not.
I had nothing good when I had a firm religious faith.
Moreover such difficult problems as holding memorial services for the ancestors and the exorcism came out one after another.
The more I had been involved in them, the more I came to have the harder problems.
In a nutshell, the faith was the matter that we should not be involved in.
Please notice that faith is not good, all of you.
I found I had hoped to stop the faith before I fell ill.
I gave up religious faith at the same time of the leaving hospital.

kI'm mentally effortless now and don't feel terror even though I might see the information given by the media.l

(This man writes about the dangerousness of religious faith, but it is also dangerous to be involved in the organization which makes people worship the person as if he or she were a god.
It is also dangerous to be involved in shrine booms or worship the power energy which is generated by energy body that wants to be worshiped. kby Ms Taeko Shirakil)



Thank you for your mail.