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By Takashi

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Jesus Christ is Lord, only begotten of the living God, creator of all... seek him and you shall find, repent or perish


By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

Any religion tempt people by decorated words.
Now such the hidden points as various crimes, however, by religious people, big accidents in the religious events, problem of money in Vatican etc, oppression against the natives bygone days , have come to be clear.
According to the information given by atoms in the sky, the representative of ruling over humans by religions were informed by the incidents caused by ISSI.
The atoms of the earth have come to hate today's situation as people thank only to the energy body that want to be worshiped without thanking to atoms.
Therefore atoms express their anger by causing abnormal weather and many abnormal phenomenons like sinkholes.
The more people go into their heart and soul to religions, the more they come to be related to the people who cause various dreadful incidents.
I especially have come to think of it in these days.

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

We live while giving thanks to atoms which are kind enough to form the earth as well as our bodies and make effort to maintain them.
As we thank atoms much we think we can lead the lives full of peace and no anxiety.
Christianity said there were words at first and said Jesus was able to move the mountain.
He showed the miracle by which he multiplied one fish and wine to much.
It was possible for him as he was a Stone human who was able to talk to atoms of mountais, fish or wine.
The atoms in the universe told me Christ and Buddha were the very Stone humans.
Christ is said to have walked on the water but it was possible for him because he talked to atoms which were forming his body and asked them to release the hands of connection of one another a little.
Though Christ was a Stone human and he talked nice things, he was ruled by stars which wanted to dominate humans and Christianity has been taken advantage for ruling humans.
There are lots of stone statues of Angels in Europe, because there were actually many Stone humans of Angels who got solid later.
The holes in which Angels were made and the traces of rubbing the wall of holes with the wings of Angels have been left in Cappadocia.

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

July 13, 2006

The deep hole of Cappadocia

Stone humans with wings were made in the underground and they climbed up this hole for going out.
This hole is so to speak, something like a test bed for flying.
As the depression is too shallow for ordinary humanity to use for supporting their bodies.


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