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By Takashi

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Re: Atoms have consciousness

Anonymous Coward
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08/30/2015 22:05

inanimate objects don't have consciousness, stupid thread. OP must be on drugs.

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By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

The science until now taught inanimate objects don't have consciousness as you tell and it was believed by lots of people.
Atoms in the sky(Sora)and universe tell today's earth have got full of conflicts and miserable situation owing to the teaching of science.
However the most advanced science and technology, quantum mechanics seems to assume inanimate objects have the subconsciousness------.
There are countless stars in the universe.
What do humans look like when seen from those stars?
Why are there humans who have consciousness only on the earth?
They are microscopic seen from the size of stars.
Can you claim what is thought by only such microscopic creatures is right?
It seems there are various dimensions on the earth and humans cannot afford to think such a thing in the dimension where people have hard time only for their living.
By contrast, there are dimensions where we can enjoy the peaceful and enjoyable lives with interesting synchronicities when we talk to clouds and plants.
You wrote " OP must be on drugs."
Though people seem to be able to see the visions with drugs, the atoms in the sky and universe show visions for free with no adverse effect.
We become healthy when we talk with the cells in our bodies.
They teach us about the answer of various enigmas on the earth with the visions which are like enjoyable cartoons.
The recent vision given to me was as follows.
There is a Chinese character at the bottom and there are various shaped characters on it.
There are brown dots, semicircle on them and there are symbols of a circle and the square.
There is nothing on the top but with brown color only.
It was the cartoon which told the occurrence of characters.
There are the figures like a human and a bird in a part of them.
It seems the stars which sent the birds to the earth taught the characters.
Though I wrote in the above part,it is probably not accepted by those who are interested only the real world.
However it is free whatever you might think.
Nevertheless atoms of Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen around you are watching you carefully.
Therefore those atoms inform you by means of the affairs which will take place around you.


Thank you for your mail.