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By Takashi

This is the posting by US person to the Forum named "Godlike Production".

The posting of US person

I don't think science realizes that all the laws of nature are based upon spiritual laws. And if man stopped to realize that the earth is a living, sentient being, hopefully they would stop all wars that decimate earth's skin and pollute its blood (waters). Hopefully the trashing of the earth would stop. But I doubt man is developed enough spiritually to realize the harm he is causing our earth. One day earth may rebel and pay us back for all the damage we have done.

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

>One day earth may rebel and pay us back for all the damage we have done.

I'm glad you have accepted the information from the SKY (SORA), the universe.
Humans have repeatedly been informed by Crop Circles since 1998 that humans will be divided into two groups.
One group can accept this information smoothly and the other group refuses to accept it from the start.
However really little people can accept it as overwhelmingly greater people believe today's theory.
When we hear the representation "all the damage we have done", we might associate the word "development" but I'm told atoms are not getting angry about it, because atoms of the earth want to change into other things.
What they are getting angry is that humans never recognize atoms have consciousness.
What's more, they are getting angry because only a part of humans are monopolizing the wealth and ruling others by making other people fight though the equality is the principle in the universe.
Consequently that the earth rebel and pay us back has surely started but I think those who believe the earth has consciousness won't be involved in the counterattack by the earth.
There is the different dimension for sure, though it has not been turned out clearly.
If we were in the different dimension, we could get over a difficulty as if we were in the different world even when we were in the same disasters.
(Let me tell my experience of the different dimension which I experienced in 1998.)
The other day my mouth moved and told the spirits of victims by the crash accident of JAL jumbo jet which had taken place thirty years ago wanted me (Ms Taeko Shiraki) to come over to the crash point as they can't go up into the sky as they have to keep staying at the same place on the ground owing to the Buddhistic rituals e.g.
The spirits have been bounded at the crashing point owing to the rituals which have been held every year.
The reason why spirits can't go up into the sky is Buddhism have people believe spirits stay at the crashing point for good and they hold a ceremony.
When I visited there it didn't rain in the mountain to which jumbo jet had crashed, though it rained heavily near the region and deluge had taken place in may places around there.
And the words of channeling told that they would show me the things which I had never seen.
The spirits of victim told me they would show me three things which I had not seen.
I found they are the continuous pure white flowers, large colony of mushrooms with some grains on the pileus seen in the high tree and leaves of the acute triangle of grass.
Each of them was made by the atoms on that mountain.

Next I saw a cloud with a punch hole and the next day there took place the earthquake of M5.2 with a seismic intensity of a lower 5 at Tokyo Bay.

As I put up at Hachiouji-city in Tokyo close to the epicenter, the earthquake showed a seismic intensity of 5.
However I was having a sound sleep at the time of the earthquake because I felt no shake as I had often been woken up partly owing to the cries of the dog.
To tell the truth, I am usually welcomed by the fresh weather when I am called by the consciousness of the relics here and there.
Atoms seem to wish me luck more, when I thank the welcoming by the fresh weather.
I was told there are only consciousness in the vast universe and I was told the earth is the only place in the universe where the hope of stars can be embodied.
We humans can live as the greatest masterpieces on the earth and when we think of it we can't help but thank how lucky we are!
The good luck surpasses the imagination.
Consequently atoms with consciousness in the universe came to be born on the earth as humans as they want to have the human experience however miserable the experience might be.
That is why the earth came to have today's situation.
There seems to exist another earth, though I don't know more in details.
We have had the mysterious phenomena on the earth recently in which meek animals are gone in unison.
Atoms told me those gone animals had moved to the different earth.
Atoms which form my body are to think they would like to take a rest leisurely after working of few decades.
Consequently I am to reach the end eventually.
I think I will be able to pass away without leaving anything to be regretted as I can appreciate from the bottom of my heart I will have been able to live in the body which is the miraculous product called a human.

by Takashi

I put the following image of the cloud with the punch hole at first erroneously, because recently there are two images of the cloud with the punch hole in the Image collection of the clouds in Ms Taeko Shiraki 's site.
Nagoya, 17:23 on Sep 10(punch hole and the face?))

However Ms Taeko Shiraki pointed me out the true image of the cloud with the punch hole is as follows after I reported the translation of her mail had been posted at GLP.

Gunma Prefecture, 10:38 on Sep 11( punch hole?)(Tokyo bay, M5.2, an earthquake with a seismic intensity of a lower 5, Off the coast of Urakawa, M5.4, an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 4)

Around 22:38 on Sep.12, 2015, Off the coast of Urakawa, M5.4, an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 4
Around 11:44 on Sep.12, 2015, Off the coast of Ibaragi Prefecture, M4.6, an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 3
Around 5:49 on Sep.12, 2015, Tokyo bay, M5.2, an earthquake with a seismic intensity of a lower 5
Around 15:45 on Sep.11, 2015, Off the coast of south-east of Nemuro peninsula, M4.2, an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 2


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