By Takashi

This info is translated into English from "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

Judah has been passed down as the traitor but channeling told the opposite!!

Jan. 24, 2003


Jesus descended to me for the first time in my life while I was traveling to Greece during the summer of 1998.
And he told his best friend was Judah.
I told about this at length in the book titled "The message from the stars."
The channeler of my acquaintance also told Judah was the friend of Jesus around 1998.
«Today I got a following mail.

I was talking about the information from the SKY (SORA), the universe, to another woman whom I happened to join during the journey.
She told me she had been in a certain conference room for the meditation.
And she said that she had been thinking about Jesus and John after the meditation.
As soon as she thought how was Judah then by chance, the man's voice which said, "Oh, Oh, Ohhh" rose up from the bottom of her belly.
According to her, the voice sounded as if it had been the cry from the sad bottom land.
Consequently people around her were much surprised and tried to stop her voice.
However her body moved furiously,her voice rose up one after another and she was not able to stop them.
Then her mouth moved and said, "I gave money to the authorities in order to help Jesus."
What's more she told that his act was misunderstood erroneously and he came to be told as a traitor .
He lamented as he fell into the synonym for a traitor as long as 2000 years thereafter.
She cried "This person is not bad!" while being held down by the people around.
She also cried "This person is pitiful ."
The head of the people aound had gone to panic mode and they couldn't get things straight.

My mouth moved while I was reading this mail and the channeling was started.

"I'm Judah.
I took money to Pilatus as I had been told to do so by Maria.
I was told to take money by Maria so that everyone would not know my act.
I went to Pilatus by myself.
And I begged him the safe of Jesus.
(The same words came out of my mouth however often I might ask.)
Pilatus said nothing.
(After I came back)a dinner party was held after a while.
Jesus offered prayers and said, "We have something good."
Something good meant that Pilatus would judge.
Consequently the celebration of the feast was held.
The truth has not been passed down.
Jesus said, "You can't drink wine much if you thought it would be my blood."
Another person asked, " What should we think while eating the bread when we are hungry."
Jesus thought for a while and said, "Eat bread by thinking bread is my body even when you are starved."
And he stopped talking.
He appeared to be hearing something.
Though it was said to be the joyful party, I woke up as stones were thrown to us the next morning.
Many people were surrounding the house out of the middle of the night.
People cried loudly, "Don't cheat King 's name."
They also cried, "Don't make a war."


Thank you for your mail.