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this knowledge is useless ,
let's go back to work and pay taxes buy some old new shit,
have kids just to have them

The reply by Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

> this knowledge is useless

It is free of you whatever you might think.
However what is thought by humans seem to reach as far as the end of the universe.
I was told the star named Goldielocks will give the answer to what is thought by a human.
The answer given by Goldielocks seem to decide the course which the person will follow.
Though there is a theory which claims that the thinking is sent from the universe, I was told it is true.

> let's go back to work

Of course it is very important to do the thing which is required to do as a human because we were born as humans.
What humans are doing is being watched firmly by the atoms in the sky and universe, and atoms wish us luck in various ways.
Consequently we can feel the small happiness.
When we admit every atom of anything has consciousness and if we do the work while giving thanks to atoms with the gratitude which say, "Thank you for your working for humans," those atoms which have finished their work seem to respond to our feeling of thanks.
It seems that it is especially found clearly by the people who have been involved in the resource which is given by the earth or the work of recycle or caring for the sick.

pay taxes buy some old new shit



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