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Observer effect. Zeno effect proves atoms have consciousness and act differently while being watched or maybe we create/witness reality?

By Takashi

As I don't know the word "Zeno effect", I searched in the internet.
Zeno effect«

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

> Observer effect. Zeno effect proves atoms have consciousness

I felt much reassured as science recognizes atoms have consciousness.
However I am told by the atoms in the universe that universe is not complex but simple.
Science is apt to interpret unintelligibly and no one except for the scientists can understand it.
Any science confine itself to its own field and it has no relevancy with other fields.
The atoms in the sky and universe told me the science on the earth is shown by "the opened palm".
However deeply the science might study in each field, the study of science ends at the tip of the fingers and it does not intersect with other fields as historical science, Archeology, biology, astronomy e.g.
By contrast, if we apply "Every atom has consciousness" most of the enigmas on the earth will be solved even though we might not use the difficult numerical formula.
Many scientists seem to claim what are told in science are right and deny what is told from the beginning when they hear such a comment like mine.
The atoms in the sky and universe say it is nothing but the human arrogance and they lament the earth got full of such arrogant humans.
Consequently new scheme seems to have been made in the universe in order to correct today's earth.
That is why the earth got full of abnormal phenomena by which humans are required to correct their mistakes.

> atoms act differently while being watched

The typhoon is the gathering of atoms and I feel it strongly.
And my mouth sometimes moves into uttering words and beging to talk what atoms think.
Though the aggregation of atoms have consciousness, they seem not to know what result they have made if they don't see through human eyes.
The aggregation of atoms seem to know the result of their movements when they don't see through human eyes.
The super typhoon which visited Japan this year caused less damages even though they had the name "super".
And sometimes only low pressure causes big damages.
To wander away from the subject, do you know why mighty typhoons and hurricanes attack such countries as Phillipines and Mexico?
As the citizenry in those countries depend only on religions by neglecting that atoms are working for humans, they warn so that people won't depend on religions.
The earthquakes seem to warn the dangerousness of religions.
Even though we can't understand by consciousness, earthquakes often happen in the regions where the lives of people are miserable.
The people in those area hate to live more as their lives are too miserable.
The subconsciousness of those people hope for to be moved into the world of spirits and the earthquakes are invited to take place in order to inform that people are leading the miserable lives.

> or maybe we create/witness reality?

Atoms seem to be kind enough to support you more when you thank to atoms which are making effort for your happiness.
By contrast, atoms seem to manage to humans when people think it is the matter of course for them to have every kind of happiness and complain to require more and more.
What atoms think is just like the human way.

>witness reality?

I feel it when I look up the clouds in the sky.
Clouds usually change into many shapes by which they try to let me know various thjngs.
Consequently I feel even clouds have consciousness and I think atoms in the air around us which we can't see are looking us carefully.
In Japan there is a proverb which tells "the sun is watching you" even though people might think no one is watching you in your doing good or bad things.


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