Mars and the vision(Postscript)

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Mars and the vision(Postscript) 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 16, 2001

Mars and the vision(Postscript)

The following is the vision when I was in a drowse.


"There are a few lines in the shape of semicircle.=It is such a vision as a few lines like antennas that receive the radio waves. "

The meaning of the vision is as follows.

"Please dire the conscious mind towards the point which is not in the three dimensions.
The reason why good Mars turns into the red color, is Mars has informed in this color from ancient as the spirit of Mars has seen that humanity has been engaged in the ugly strives.
The chunks of atoms which look like grape bunches talk.
When Mars was once in the three dimensions, spirit of Mars entered into the bodies on Mars.
The bodies were not beautiful, because spirit was important and the shapes of bodies was not attached great importance.
Therefore the bodies on Mars were like fluttering brown seaweeds.

(The same contents were told previously, too. )

The evidence of what is told above has been left on the ground of Mars.
We made the decoration like the face rock with sands.
We asked the atoms of the sands to gather together and form the shape.
We tried to be understood by the humanity on the earth.
We made them as we thought humanity would understand some day.
We stopped making the bodies like brown seaweeds as they are meaningless.

(It means there are no bodies with shapes on Mars.)

The reason why Mars turns into red color is Mars is informing that strives are ugly as they are shown in this red color.
Mars is showing the red color to let humanity understand the beautiful earth which is covered with water will become ugly if humanity continue strives.
Mars, one of the stars which have been spread in the universe has informed now."

The channeling started at midnight on Dec. 17,2001

"Good Mars speaking.
I have to say important thing though I've told various things.
The reason why Mars looks red is that the sands of Mars jump up.
Sands get burned(?) and jump up and notify the earth."

(As the voice was too faint, I'm not sure whether the above contents is accurate or not.)

Dec. 15, 2001

I saw a vision when I was napping.


"A notebook is seen.
The vertical line is drawn in the left side of it and a big circle in the white background is drawn in the right side of it."

Since then I saw a(dream)

(A man wearing something like a hat dives into the river in the dream.)

I saw a (Vision)again after a while.

"A pale blackish big triangle(energy body of the Ruler's Stars?) comes descending from top to bottom.
The smallish triangular white light of pale blue and purple (energy of stars )comes descending from top to bottom.
However big blackish triangle (energy of the Ruler's Stars?) comes rising from bottom to top and surrounds the whitish triangular light and blackish light goes up.
Though smallish whitish lights come descending, they are involved in the blackish lights which come going up and they go up as before.
Though it has been repeated several times, the lights become reddish and big circular (?) turns up."


The above vision shows the energy of the atoms from the sky and the universe is weak.
The reddish big circle shows the words of Stone god has come to be conveyed to people.