The pyramid in South Pole, Great Wall of China ,Sara・ba・n・do, The satellites of Pluto, The continental shelf,large number of deaths

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The pyramid in South Pole, Great Wall of China ,Sara-ba-n-do, The satellites of Pluto, The continental shelf,large number of deaths

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Feb. 7, 2017

The pyramid in South Pole, Great Wall of China ,Sara-ba-n-do, The satellites of Pluto, The continental shelf, large number of deaths

I woke up as I got the signal at the left top of the head at midnight on Feb,1

The being from South Pole speaking.
I was asked to give you the signal.
Minanoko(orphans, small groups of atoms) give you a signal as they want me to tell.
It's about the pyramid in South Pole.
I want you to know why it became such a shape of the pyramid.
It was taught by Sirius.
The first stage had the same width.
It went up with the same speed by multiplying.
If one part went up faster than other ones, that shape can't be completed.
As just a part doesn't want to go ahead faster, any rising point can join together accurately at the tip of the pyramids.
It is the most important matter.
I wanted to let you know it.

Though the above has been informed since previously days, it has never been recognized.
Consequently they seem to inform me with the intense signal.
Many politician proceed with the basic stance which ask for the happiness only for themselves.
Consequently every kind of strain is generated on the earth, I am told.
It seems to be informed by the abnormality of the solar light.= Minanoko(orphans, small groups of atoms) of the sun tries to take a rest of its work.

"We were competing with one another.
Stone god who turned into the Great Wall of China speaking.
As the atoms of the pyramid multiplied in the same speed all at once, the top of the triangular pyramid was made.
Now I'm telling it though how to make Great Wall of China is different from pyramids."

The above was informed me previously.
They informed me the answer when I asked the reason of the walls of Great Wall of China were made in parallel.
I was informed Great Wall of China was the same as the proliferation of the slime mold.
That means atoms of Stone gods multiplied in competition.
Ruins of Nugera ruins in the Mediterranean are the same type.

I felt cold in lower abdomen.

The position of South Pole shows the human bladder.
Phillipines show the kidney.
As the hole was drilled at the lake of South Pole, it was connected with North Pole.
(Inside the earth there is the vertical hole which connects South Pole and North Pole.)
That is why big chill appeared.

The same contents have been told until now.

*)The spectacular photograph of the giant UFO which was hiding under water of South Pole was taken by Google Earth!
It may be related to the mysterious sound which is under survey by Canadian armed forces.

*)Too mysterious sound which resounds from the seabed of Canadian North Pole.
All the animals have been erased! 
 It is unknown even though it is examined by the army.

The tears came out at night when Sarabande by George Frideric Handel came to mind.(It is the melody which I have been anxious about since previously days.

I asked the meaning of Sarabande to atoms.

"I was able to inform you what I was thinking."

(I was to hear the hard-luck story of the woman which I heard the next day.
I found affairs in the spirit world take place earlier than the ones in this real world.)
After that I was informed Sarabande means we have to break up the friends even with long relationship if he or she can't accept the information from "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA".
One of the fellows of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA told me recently she was called by the religion believer who had not contacted her long times .
And the husband of the other one dealt with golf tool which he couldn't do it for a long time.
There are many synchronicity which show the relation until now is over now.
I had the signal at midnight on the right flank on Feb. 2.

"I was forced to do.
(Previously)I was forced by the king of the moon.
As I was forced to do unpleasant things, I turned them down.
However I was bullied as I turned them down.
As the spirit didn't inform me what he wanted to say, I informed it with the signal to you."

(The subsequent image or the vision)

There is a retrospective person in the short coat.
However the child who is shouldered is sideways and the front part is swelled out.
Consequently it seems something is hiding in the swelled out position.

The meaning is as follows.

"When the queen of Mt. Gozaisyodake (Mie Prefecture in Japan) came down to the earth, Plutoe was shouldered by her but Pluto came with its men(its satellites) by concealing them.
It was informed by the above image or the vision.
The satellites became the men of the moon and did the evil act.

There is Obare stone in Mt. Gozaisyodake (Mie Prefecture in Japan) and the queen of Sagittarius came by shouldering Pluto was informed at an early stage.
*)Obare stone

*)There are five satellites of Pluto.
Hydra seems to do the evilest act.

I woke up owing to the dull feeling in my eyes at midnight of Feb. 7.

Shelf shelf---? The being on the shelf speaking.

I had the signal on the little toe.

The shelf in the sea was made by Stone gods who scooped seabed.
The remained part after scooping became the shelf(?).
It is the remained part after the giants scooped the soft body of Stone gods and they made mountains by piling up the scooped seabed.
The reason why the flat part like the self remained was for the working of humans.(?)

I had the several signal at the left flank.
The signal of the flank show the younger brothers of Ohmoto(the central)of the universe made the continental shelf.
--- become weak at continental shelf?
It is informed by continental shelf.
The Stone gods there made creatures end their lives.
And the creatures made there are informing.
The mountains along the seashore show the seabed was scooped and it was liven up.
They are doing Sarabande at continental shelf.
The fish come into being at continental shelf.
Consequently they are doing the job(?)

(What job?)

Saraba of Saraba-nde means good-by in Japanese.

The job is the large number of deaths of the fish.
The reason why fish die is people don't admit that Stone gods in the underground are doing the job.
In the sea there are fish at rocky area and no fish at the sandpit.
That's because the sand is the atoms of Stone gods who have no will to live.

The large number of deaths of the fish is going on all over the world.

*)From the site "In Deep"

Large number of deaths of many kinds of the marine organism is going on at Nova Scotia in Canada, which has no precedent.